Revolutionize Your Business

With a document management software system from OIS, your business will have a cost-effective way to digitally transform how your business operates. From storage and retrieval of documents to sharing and automating basic business functions, your business will experience an increase in productivity and a reduction in frustrations.

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Effortless Transformation

Quickly and securely search for information by a variety of criteria from most internet-connected devices.

Protect your business documents with a permission-based system that tracks users, views and modifications. Automatic records retention policies make maintenance simple.

Whether it’s approval chains, order tracking, or other daily processes, automation can ensure schedules and eliminate bottlenecks and lost documents.

Protect your company’s data against theft, pandemics, fires, floods or other disasters. You can have access to your files from any location on most any internet-connected device.

How Can OIS Help your Company?

Whether you are interested in accounting, human resources, compliance or other business areas, a content management system can be a valuable tool for most businesses. Our Business Essentials package provides prebuilt solutions for most essential business areas.

Start with one area and expand to other departments. Our systems can be fully integrated with many other business software systems.

  • Cloud-Based for reliability, security and reduced IT costs.

  • Our prebuilt solutions can get you up and running quickly.
  • Easy to use.

  • Accessible on a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, tablets, and phones.

  • User-based permissions prevents unauthorized users from viewing or editing documents.

Essential Tools for All Businesses

Digital Content Management

Quickly access business-critical information at your fingertips from anywhere.

Web Forms Manangement

Allow customers, employees, and vendors to submit, change and manage important information using web forms.

Automatic Document Capture

Replace outdated manual processes with automatic systems to capture and manage information quickly and efficiently.

Process Automation

Automatically route documents to the correct person for processing or approval to increase efficiency and streamline operations.