Electronically store, access and share student records easily with a secure cloud-based system. Our education products can revolutionize any education environment – public, private, trade school, or other specialty institutions. Our solution helps organize other documentation that is kept outside other systems you currently utilize.

Education Essentials, our digital transformation solution is designed specifically for the challenges and needs of an educational institution of any size. It can easily manage student and special education records that are stored outside of your existing Student Information System. In addition, business records such as Accounting, Human Resources, Contracts, and other institution information can be stored.

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Student and employee information available quickly and securely

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Capture, manage, and store thousands of student and staff records regardless of their format or source.

Protect sensitive information including health records, special education documentation, FERPA and HIPPA documentation, and more.

Find individual student records by name, student number or other important keywords, saving time and frustration.

Safely and securely share records with parents, other team members and more.

Securely access student transcripts, health records and more from remote locations, and share with other personnel and administrators in real-time using permission-based web access.

Automate approvals and other multi-step processes to ensure compliance and reduce duplication.

Essential Tools for Your Scholastic Environment

  • Streamlined automation for essential processes

  • Scalable solutions for all size facilities

  • Real time knowledge and compliance for government and other regulations

  • Prebuilt options for fast implementation

  • Easy to use software

  • Free on-demand e-learning options

Work with OIS to improve your business operations to take advantage of digital options for managing information and processes. We can help you simplify common business systems to improve workflow and increase profits.

Essential Tools for Your Education Institution

Digital Content Management

Quickly and easily locate and view student information from anywhere.

Web Forms Manangement

Collect information digitally for better response and retention.

Automatic Document Capture

Automatically secure compliance and other records to comply with government regulations.

Process Automation

Automate multistep processes, such as IEPs, to ensure efficient communications and retention of records.

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