Streamline Hiring and Compliance
and Other Human Resource Functions

Electronic storage of your employee information, forms and other functions can increase efficiency and reduce compliance issues. HR automation boosts efficiency of your team, freeing them up to work on other important functions.

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Instant Access to Vital Information You Need

Reduce or eliminate paper and duplicated work by utilizing web-based employment applications, expense reports, time off requests, and more.

Create a customized technology-based onboarding system to collect and store information (applications, I-9, W-4, etc). Automatically route and organize documents to ensure proper notification and compliance.

Securely manage personal employee information with permission-based access and sure compliance with HIPPA, EEOC and other regulations.

Manage all your human resources information with a secure,  permission-based system that can be easily accessed from anywhere.  Customize access for hiring managers, supervisors and human resources professionals.

Improve Your HR Processes

Work with OIS to improve your business operations to take advantage of digital options for managing information and processes. We can help you simplify common business systems to improve workflow and increase profits.

  • Automate the hiring process.
  • Automatically share employee data across all HR forms and processes.
  • Automate HR processes, such as expense report routing, onboarding, performance reviews, and more.
  • Access the secure, easy-to-use system from anywhere.

Essential Tools for Human Resources Functions

Digital Content Management

Quickly access business-critical information at your fingertips from anywhere.

Web Forms Manangement

Allow customers, employees, and vendors to submit, change and manage important information using web forms.

Automatic Document Capture

Replace outdated manual processes with automatic systems to capture and manage information quickly and efficiently.

Process Automation

Automatically route documents to the correct person for processing or approval to increase efficiency and streamline operations.