Manage Contracts and Other
Legal Documents with Ease

By storing contracts and other legal documents electronically, your organization can easily automate the review process, keep track of revisions and gather input quickly and securely.

You can automatically retain changes, versions and edits, as well as collect signatures and communications with a full audit trail.

The hands of several business professionals sitting at a table with notepads and other meeting items.

Instant Access to Vital Information for You and Your Team

Contracts can be sorted by the date they were created, modified, or completed, or by customer name, customer number, and more.

Automatically keep all of a document’s history, including versions and audit trails to easily track all contract activities.

Automate document workflows according to specified review and approval processes.

Never lose sight of contract and deadlines with our automated system.

You and your team can access and manage contracts and other legal documents securely from most locations.

Improve Your Legal Office Processes

Work with OIS to improve your business operations to take advantage of digital options for managing information and processes. We can help you simplify common business systems to improve workflow and increase profits.

  • Automatic Retention

  • Track document changes and revisions

  • Streamline document collaboration for settlements, contracts and more

  • Remote File Access

  • Secure storage for all documents and information

Essential Tools for Your Legal Practice

Meet Contract Requirements

No more missed deadlines or other contract obligations.

Automate Contract Retention

Don’t worry about keeping up with retention schedules with our automated system.

Automated Approvals

Easily manage signatures, approvals and notifications with our automated system.

Secure Remote Access

Securely access documents from anywhere with most internet-connected devices.

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