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Let OIS Simplify Your Operations
and Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

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Nonprofit organizations must manage a variety of business functions and documentation. While paperwork is necessary, it can take up valuable time and resources for your staff and volunteers.

OIS works with your organization to automate processes and reduce the time spent on these and other business functions, freeing up time to be dedicated to your vision and mission. Don’t get bogged down with paper. Contact OIS to schedule a consultation today!

Focus On What’s Important to Your Nonprofit


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Workflows to Streamline Your Operation

Complete and submit an online form.

Screenshot of an online background check form.
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Submission is stored in the cloud.

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With a click of a mouse, quickly access stored submissions.

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Screenshot of a sample background check form

We Can Improve Your Administrative Operations

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Background Checks

Easily manage the process of background checks and securely store all authorizations and reports.

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Volunteer Applications

Ensure each volunteer has all of the necessary forms and information on hand.

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Human Resources

Manage all of your paid staff’s time, benefits and more. Documents are readily available and reporting is a breeze.

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Easily manage compliance issues, such as EEO, HIPPA, SOC, SEC, and FINRA regulations.

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Whether it’s reports for the board, funding organizations or government requirements, you have statistics that are easily accessed and compiled.

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Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, a document management system can be crucial in recovering data quickly and easily.

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